Improving Your Organic Mobile Traffic

With almost 30% of traffic coming from mobile devices and over a billion people using the web on their phones, having an mobile-friendly website is in integral part of your businesses SEO strategy. Having a comprehensive mobile SEO strategy can ensure that your mobile site’s pages load quickly, are navigable and provide users with relavent information that pertains to the device they’re using. Websites need to be rendered to be both adaptive and responsive to keep up with the technological advances of everyday life.

Users are increasingly turning to their mobile devices to browse the web on major search engines.  Your tailored mobile SEO strategy will help you ensure that your website can be found on mobile search engines through:strategy development, mobile page optimisation, mobile specific keyword research, content that appeals to mobile users specifically and to provide users with the experience that they expect when accessing your site from their mobile device. Mobile SEO is a must for businesses looking to attract qualified leads,  increase their sales and improve conversion rates.

Optimize for Local Search

Optimizing your mobile content for local search is another important part of your SEO strategy. This includes systematizing your name, address, and phone number and including your cities information into your site’s metadata. A benefit to having a customer browse your website from their smart phone is that with a touch of a screen they can automatically dial your businesses contact number, email you or get immediate directions to your businesses location. If your contact address can lead visitors directly to Google Map directions, the number of visitors that walk through your door may increase.

Desktop Content vs. Mobile Content

Online search has grown and adapted over time and your mobile search strategy needs to adapt closely to the way users are using their smartphones. Mobile users are searching very differently then desktop users.  Discovering why mobile visitors are using your site and how to make your site adaptive and responsive to their needs is important.

Your custom SEO strategy will analyze all aspects of your mobile site and assist in creating mobile content that is both optimized for search engines and valuable to every mobile visitor that lands on your site. Your audience is often looking for your business on their smart device to take immediate action, therefore it is crucial to build a mobile sites designed to their needs.

A Necessity for Your Businesses

People are using their mobile devices for more than just browsing your website, or reading a blog post on your page. More often then ever, they’re utilizing the GPS and search engines to do location based searches. Whether it’s looking for the nearest coffee shop or a specialized service within driving distance, they are using they’re mobile devices to solve a problem. We will help your business increase its visibility in search and optimize the content so that users find the information they’re looking for. A perfectly tailored mobile search optimization strategy and local SEO strategy (link to Local SEO Page when live) will work hand in hand to increase your businesses local growth and global reach.