Ongoing Website Maintenance and Upkeep

One of the most critical, but often overlooked components to a web strategy, is website upkeep and maintenance. Proper website maintenance ensures that your websites structure, functionality and content remain up to date.

Keeping Things Fresh

Search engines love ‘fresh’ content, therefore failure to upkeep your website can negatively effect your websites ranking on major search engines. Google updates their algorithms and ranking factors often, therefore, failing to update your website can cause it to be pushed below your competitors that are frequently updating both the front and back end of their webpage. Keeping your website optimized and your keyword strategy up to date are both ideal ways to keep it fresh.

User Experience

Users have come to expect a company’s website to be easily found on major search engines, as well as fast and easy to navigate. Online, new information replaces the old daily and there is a constant influx of new content. Therefore, well maintained websites provide clients with a positive user experience on the site, which ultimately results in higher conversion rates, returning customers and customer recommendations. Further, ‘fresh’ content, whether through monthly blogs or consistent content development where necessary, encourages your customers to come back.


Maintaining and upkeeping your website also involves updates and backups. Software, security, content and blog updates as well as site backups all need to be examined regularly to maintain the overall value of the website. Software and security updates are generally designed to create a better version then the previous, to alleviate bugs, errors, etc., therefore, staying on top of these updates will generally provide you with a better version of your current software.

Website maintenance is an important piece to any SEO strategy. Continuous improvements to ensure that your site is optimized for the continuously evolving Search Engine Optimization standards will help to ensure your businesses online success.