ASO: Improving Your App Store Performance

App Store Optimization is SEO for your Apps.  It improves the distribution of your app by increasing Search Ranking for your app in App Stores. We focus on search ranking within the App Store so that you can reach your ideal users.

We take the time to understand your market, competitors, and your customers. With that intel, we optimize the key elements of your app listing to earn rankings that lead to downloads. By analyzing the currently used search terms by frequency and intent, we’ll tailor your listing for your target audience

We know that as great as rankings are, increasing app downloads is what’s important. Our focus is on increasing organic downloads by implementing data-driven ASO techniques.

Ensuring Your App is Visible on Google

A big issue facing app owners is the need for users to keep coming back to use the app. To help keep your app top of mind among your users is through indexing the deep links of your app in Google. This allows your existing users to access in-app content from a Google mobile search. Using your app platform, we get your app links indexed to improve customer retention.

App indexing helps to re-engage your existing app users. Regardless of if your app is iOS- or Android-specific, organic search can prove to be an invaluable tool for reaching your usage goals. Google uses app indexing as part of their mobile ranking factor, so there is a lot to gain by adding your app.