Want to know whether your optimization efforts are working? You’ll need analytics tracking.

Better understand your customers

Knowing what visitors are looking for, how they got to your website, and what part of the world they’re from are just some of the insights that analytics tracking can give you about your customers.

By tracking pages of your website you’ll be able to see how visitors explore your site and how often they come back before they take action. Understanding how users flow through your website is integral to improving your business and reaching your goals.

Analytics are available to you, but you will need to have tracking codes set up on your property to take full advantage of the data.

Ways that analytics can help a business

• Goal tracking and A/B testing
• Strengthen marketing and SEO efforts
• Improve content and messaging
• Monitor multi-channel progress
• Insight about your visitors

Using Google Analytics to its full potential

Google Analytics is the one-stop-shop for analytics tracking. By linking together your current Google profiles to your Google Analytics account, we can delve deeper into the data and examine what’s really working in your business.

We will help you analyze advanced segments, re-marketing, and – perhaps most importantly – goal conversion tracking.

Implementing goal tracking for your site can prove invaluable. We can identify specific details that can improve your cost per conversion and return on investment. We will show you how to make the most of the tools available to you and help elevate your business.

We can help you better understand the numbers

J.Ringer Consulting are fully certified by Google and we will help make sense of the data. We cut through all of the numbers, graphs, and pie charts to leave you with only the most relevant information. We break the data down into clear and concise reports that will help identify new areas of opportunity and refine your marketing efforts.