In today’s competitive marketplace, having a visible website is paramount to your businesses success. Our SEO services can help your business grow and help you meet your business goals. The case studies below demonstrate the strategy, development and implementation of some of our past projects.

Website Optimization Projects

tacit consult - j.ringer seo consultants

Tacit Consult

Tacit Management Consulting are a Vancouver-based technology consulting firm. Tacit help companies and organizations with their software and technology changes, and have extensive experience in software selection, strategy development, and project management. Tacit’s network of consultants work across Canada and America.

  • 50% increase in top-3 rankings
  • 150% increase in top-10 rankings
  • 830% Increase in organic search visits
  • Decreased the sitewide bounce rate by 43%
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Yeager Employment Law - SEO Campaign

Yeager Employment Law

Located in West Vancouver, Yeager Employment Law helps employees who have been wrongfully dismissed from their employment receive fair compensation. The goals of this campaign were to improve visibility across the major search engines and increase client leads.

  • Increase organic visit goal conversions by 133% year over year
  • Increase number of goal completions by 252%
  • Diminish website bounce rate by 80%
  • Improve the organic visibility on Google and Bing by 59%
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west end community centre association

West End Community Centre Association

The West End Community Centre Association (WECCA) is a volunteer-driven organization that provides recreational, educational, and social programs at centres in downtown Vancouver. The goals of this campaign were to strengthen WECCA’s visibility and awareness of the Association.

  • Increase the number of new visitors by 88.35%
  • Increase organic search traffic by 255.43% year over year
  • Decrease bounce rate from organic traffic sources by 10.41%
  • Increase pageviews by 116.12%
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spruce body lab

Spruce Body Lab

Located in Vancouver, Spruce Body Lab offers a blend of gender-neutral spa and clinical treatments to health and lifestyle enthusiasts. An online gift card promotion for the 2015 Holiday Season was put in place. The goal of the campaign was to increase revenue from purchases made on the online shop, while also increasing Spruce’s website traffic and conversion rate.

  • Increase gift cards sold by 41.67%
  • Increase revenue by 43.84%
  • Increase the number of sessions by 8.65%
  • Increase in their e-commerce conversion rate by 299.64%
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