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What I Learned In 2016:
My Year In Review

As we close the lid on another year, we take the time to reflect on the events that have shaped us. For me, 2016 was about firmly establishing myself as an SEO consultant and building better connections with Vancouver's SEO industry. For all of the goals I accomplished there's still a bunch that I didn't

How Blogging Can Power Your SEO

There is no doubt that as the web increasingly becomes the go-to marketing platform for small businesses, content has become the centre attention. It’s an affordable way to keep visitors on your site and establish your brand as the expert in your industry. Being able to produce quality content on a regular

Even More Ways To Improve Your Search Rankings Now

As you no doubt already know, SEO is a game of inches; one little move can send your rankings skyrocketing or plummeting in an instant. But more often than not it’s a combination of these little tweaks that deliver the best results. Below are a few more examples of quick ways to positively affect your