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AMP Experiment for Local SEO

The Breakdown The question I wanted to see answered: Does AMP help local small and medium size websites get more traffic? With the release of Google's AMP across all search result pages and the subsequent debate about its merits, I wanted to see if it would provide value for my local SEO clients. Much of the

How To Future Proof Your Website

Life on the internet moves pretty quickly — viral videos, memes, news — it’s the age of fleeting interest. The same can be said about your website. Trends come and go in the blink of an eye. What was en vogue just a couple short years ago, would get you shunned

Tips to Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

With almost 30% of traffic coming from mobile devices and over a billion people using the web on their phones, having a mobile-friendly website is worth your while. Think W3C recommended standard in June 2012, and has revolutionized web development . However, I still find myself opening webpages on my smartphone

Boosting Your Small Business With Local SEO

What is Local Search Local SEO is the art of optimizing your website to appear in the search results being done in your vicinity. This could be your neighbourhood, your city, or even your region. It allows those searching for a product or service nearby to find the best available

2011: Mobile Search Gets Noticed. 2014: Mobile Search Takes Centre Stage.

2011 – Mobile SEO Starts To Get Noticed 2011 yielded a lot of change in terms of mobile usage and trends. Google and the Android mobile operating system started to make waves and the iPad was working its way into collective consciousness. With the increased use of devices with smaller screens, the

Local Search of 2010 Gets a Boost in 2014

In a continuation of our series on What We Can Learn About Past SEO Techniques we come to 2010, the year Local SEO became the focus of of Search Optimization Experts around the Globe. Localized SEO Changes The Shape Of Searches Local SEO moved to the forefront of Search Optimization Experts’ minds

The Positive Effects of Mobile for SEO

We’ve all heard that mobile is the future of online, but most people don’t realize how true that is. Almost half of all Canadians have a Smartphone, and 1 in 4 Canadians own a tablet. Two thirds of those Smartphone users use their device to access search engines, and this number