As we close the lid on another year, we take the time to reflect on the events that have shaped us. For me, 2016 was about firmly establishing myself as an SEO consultant and building better connections with Vancouver’s SEO industry. For all of the goals I accomplished there’s still a bunch that I didn’t — monthly revenue goals, be consistent with my blogging, meditation and yoga every morning, read a book per month. But this year, all of the positives by and large outweighed the negatives.

Some highlights from my year

  • Worked on 16 new projects
  • Prepared 40 proposals
  • Hired 2 contractors
  • Doubled profit from last year

What I learned in 2016

What good is learning something if you don’t use what you learned?

Screwing up is part of the game

Even when you know you can solve the problem, sometimes you are gonna mess things up. In 2016, I learned what an unrepairable mistake feels like. It isn’t a great feeling. Humility is a quality that can only be experienced.

My takeaway: Mistakes are gonna happen — learn quickly.

SEO standards are always changing

For all of the attention I paid to the chatter about Google’s tweaks and algorithm updates in 2016, there were a couple that slipped by unnoticed. And those are the ones I would’ve appreciated a bit more hoopla about. It’s a good habit to review the fundamentals from time to time as they may have changed.

My takeaway: Client questions on some of these topics can be a great learning opportunity for yourself.

Not every algorithm required immediate action

Google made a few significant changes to their search algorithm in 2016. Figuring out which of these changes are going to have an impact on my clients’ sites isn’t as clear cut as it would seem. Limiting my knee-jerk reactions to Google announcements or expert theories helps me to make better informed decisions to assess the impact it will have on the various sites I work on.

My takeaway: Do my own analysis to see how it will impact my websites.

Human-centric optimization

There is so much research and analysis around what it takes to get ranked (and how to stay there), but it seldom accounts for the humans behind those searches. It can feel counterintuitive to try and optimize for people when it flies in the face of the standard “best-practices”, but it can payoff. Meta tags as an example, may not have all of the keywords you’d traditionally need to rank highly, but hits a human emotion or is easier to read can convert and sustain those higher rankings.

My takeaway: Test it. Despite what I may think will work well, test it to be sure.

I’m still doing something that I really enjoys

2016 has been one for the books. I think we can all agree that it didn’t quite go according to plan. But there have been some significant highlights as well. For my own personal and professional development it has been a strong year. As I get ready for the new year, I’m still very excited to be doing what I’m doing and building towards something that motivates me.


As I sign off for the year, I hope you all have a great Holiday Season and end to 2016. See you in 2017!

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